Water sheeting vs. water beading: Which is better?

People tend to think that water beading is a good thing, a sign that they’ve successfully protected their cars’ finishes.

However, this has been debated for more than a decade, and many people are now siding with water sheeting. Let’s explore.

When water beads up and sits on your car, it also dries there. Water beads collect debris and leave water spots and streaks, especially on darker vehicles.

When you think about these things, it becomes pretty clear that sheeting is more desirable than beading, because the water runs off instead of drying on the surface.

We’ve stood by water sheeting since the beginning.

LustreLab LXR is charged with millions of acrylic polymers, the same material that makes up a car’s protective clear coating. It cleans all surfaces and also serves in place of wax and sealants.

The patented Acrylionic technology allows water to sheet off your vehicle, so you won’t need to towel dry your car.

Additionally, quickly spraying off your car with a hose after using LXR makes it look like you just washed and waxed it. Even rain will make it shiny again.

These effects are best achieved the second time you use LXR. Every time you use it, you’re going to get a better sheeting and repellent action.

Read the full scientific report at the bottom of this page.