Our team is dedicated to empowering car owners to enhance appeal, preserve value, and extend protection on their investment.

Here at LXR, we view our cars as investments, and we want to protect them as much as possible. Cars often give off impressions to others about ourselves. We also enjoy saving money, as well as saving time in today’s busy world. So, we found a way to turn a top-quality car wash into something much more, and we want to share it with you.

Did you know that regularly washing your car is just as important as changing your oil?
Your car should be washed every other week to prevent dirt buildup that can damage your vehicle’s paint and protective clear coat. Regularly washing your car can help you to avoid future maintenance, therefore, saving you money.

A car is a huge investment and is like a second home for some. Our customers care about their cars and choose Lustrelab LXR because it’s not just a car wash liquid – it adds protection by restoring and fortifying your car’s clear coat. This not only saves you time by completing multiple tasks at once, it also saves you money by reducing future maintenance costs, increasing your car’s resale value, as well as avoiding expensive detailing services. You’ll never have to wax your vehicle again.

Don’t know what a clear coat is?
Every car has a clear protective Nano-coating on top of its paint. The Nano-coating is your car’s outermost layer, protecting the paint and interior of the car from the elements and chemicals that damage your car, preventing things such as oxidation, sun-fade, and scratches from going deep. Unfortunately, clear coats deteriorate over time as it is worn and damaged by acid rain, road salt, bird poop, and many other common things. But there’s good news too! LXR’s innovative formula actually contains this clear acrylic coating. So, while you wash your car with LXR, you are also restoring your car’s Nano-coating, which is essential to avoiding damage and extending your car’s longevity. Every time you use LXR, you add more protection as the clear coat builds up, creating a strong outer coating for your car. Through this, water beading, the cause of water spots, is prevented and water sheeting is created, which allows water to run off your car. All of these combined benefits are how the name was created, LXR actually stands for Luster x Renewal!