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make your car look brand new in one easy step.

We make it simple to protect and preserve your investment for years to come with our patented, all-in-one car care formula.

how does it work?

our patented acrylionic formula

LustreLab LXR's unique Acrylionic® formula has proven supreme in the professional car care industry – It’s been scientifically tested and certified by outside sources to create and maintain a new-car shine, all while cleaning every part of your vehicle's exterior. All-in-one! LXR is charged with millions of acrylic polymers, the same material that makes up your car’s protective clear coating that preserves its paint. Every time you wash with LXR, that clear coating is strengthened and restored. The best part? LXR replaces all other exterior car care products (even wax!), and it's actually more efficient than wax because it allows water to sheet off of your car, rather than to bead up and create water spots. We make it easy for you – You'll never have to spend hours waxing and towel-drying your car again.

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what people are saying about lustrelab lxr autowash

Robert left a review 5 star rating
"I have been using this on my trucks for the last 7 years. When I sold my 2007 Silverado in 2015, the buyer couldn't believe the condition of the paint. It makes it so much easier to take care of your vehicle, especially when health conditions limit time available on your vehicle."
Mary L. left a review 5 star rating
“I just opened a new gallon because I had to take my car over to the Buick shop. My car was so dirty and when I got done I thought I was driving a new car (2001 Buick Park Avenue). I went to church and my friend asked me if I had taken my car to a car wash and I said no I washed the car and I did not wax the car. I have to say again LXR is a great product.”
Rudy left a review 5 star rating
“I followed the directions, washed my truck, carpet & emptied the bucket. Mixed a new batch using warm water on both. Washed my wife's car and my truck was dry without me having to do anything. No streaks. Very happy with this product.”



Lustrelab LXR 32oz

Guaranteed to save you time by completing multiple tasks at once and also saves you money by reducing future maintenance costs. A 32oz bottle contains 8-10 uses of LXR.

  • Cleans all surfaces including wheels, tires, glass, bugs, and tar
  • Repels dirt with non-stick formula
  • Renews protective coating
  • Increases level of gloss and shine