Longer Term Review 13 Years Using LXR Car Wash

LXR ® is unlike any car washing soap on the market. Its patented formula with Acrylionic® polymers has been not only tested but proven to clean, protect, renew, and shine your car unlike any other car cleaning product on the market. After just one wash you can see a cars exterior shine more than it ever has using any other car wash and wax. Repeated uses of LXR builds on the previous wash rebuilding a car faded and cloudy clear coat. This is accomplished by LXR’s polymers building on the previous wash filling small cracks and damage to a cars clear coat and paint.  That is why some of our customers that own cars that are 10+ years old look like they have recently been repainted.

Here is a review from a long-time customer of LXR Wash Margaret. She owns a 2003 Ford and for the past 13 years she has washed her car with LXR wash. During this time, she has never waxed the car and as you can see the exterior looks like she just drover it off the showroom floor! In her own words here is her review of LXR wash.

“ My husband used the LXR today for the second time. Three weeks ago, he washed a small car, small pickup, and a small travel trailer with LXR. He said they looked a little better. (He always keeps them up looking good) He said no spots on the vehicles and he did not have to dry them. Just a few spots on the glass.

LXR Car Wash Quart

Today he washed them again just to give them another coat of LXR. He said before he started today, he noticed hardly any dust on the vehicles. This is rare. After he was done washing them today, he noticed a lot of difference in the new shinny look they now have. He said the first time he used the LXR he knew when he cleaned up the bucket and measuring cup how awesome the LXR is. He said he turned up the hose with a full stream from the nozzle into the measuring cup and it just foaming.

He could hardly wash the product off the measuring cup and bucket. He knew after that this was the perfect product for our vehicles. When I finish this, I will order a gallon. Great job, great product.”

Is it not about time you try Lustrelab® LXR®  unique 5-in-1 car washing soap that washes, waxes, clean your wheels, clean your cars windshield and other glass, and removes ugly bug and tar stains from your automobile? No matter if you wanting to keep your car looking like new, wanting to roll back the clock on the exterior’s shine, or wanting to get top dollar if you are ready to trade your car in LXR will pay for itself with just one wash of your car.

By David Tallon


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