How to use LXR Car Was and Wax

Why is Acrylionic® Chemistry a Revolutionary Way To Wash Your Car

Lustrelab’s unique proprietary chemistry is made from the same ingredients as your paint’s clear protective coating. With each wash, LXR® removes the dirt from the divots and cracks in the surface of your paint and builds back up and repairs/ fortifies the acrylic coating while increasing the shine with each use (See exhibit-1 below on how this process works)



This protective coating is better than wax. LXR® sheets water off of your coated finish. This eliminates water spotting caused by dirt accumulation that is trapped in water beads resulting from traditional waxed surfaces. It also allows the washed surface to dry streak- free reducing the need for towel drying (See exhibit 2 below on how this process compares to traditional wax that's been added to a car surface).

How LXR's Acrylionic® Is Better Than Wax - Science Of Water Drop Tension

Scientific photos taken from a test application hood prove that traditional car washing soap and car wax that creates a high angle of water contact on the cars surface. Because traditional car wax creates more surface tension between water molecules it causes water beading after waxing your car. Water beading is not good because it traps and collects dirt and leaves water spots on your car (See exhibit 3 below to see how traditional wax causes water to beading that traps dirt and leaves water spots on your cars surface).

LXR’S® innovative Acrylionic® chemistry increases surface wet ability and shine by decreasing the angle that water contacts the surface creating a strong tendency for water sheeting (See Exhibit 4 below). This water sheeting action helps repel dirt. LXR® is environmentally friendly, readily biodegradable, and contains no petroleum distillates.

Acrylionic formula fills clear coat cracks

Exhibit 1: Acrylionic formula fills damage in cars painted clear coat.

Water Beading with Car Wax and Water Sheeting with LXR Wash

Exhibit 2:Water sheeting vs. water beading on car hood

Traditional Wax Surface Water Beading Because More Surface Tension

Exhibit 3:Traditional Waxed Surface With Water Beading (Photomicrographs)

Lustrelab LXR acrylionic Surface Water Sheeting

Exhibit 4:Lustrelab® LXR® acrylionic hood Surface with Water Sheeting (Photomicrographs)

By David Tallon


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