LXR used by first responders to keep their vehicles clean

Stafford Township Emergency Medical Services (EMS), formed in 1951, is based in Manahawkin, NJ. Its 40+ volunteer-members devote countless hours to the Stafford Township community, a 47-square-mile area.

The department’s Facebook page presents a wealth of community pride shown through reviews, posts, and post comments. Stafford Township EMS promotes and sponsors events like blood drives, car shows, and carnivals – further proof of the department’s dedication to its community (…as if we needed more!). At LustreLab LXR, we’ve had the pleasure of speaking to and working with Stafford Township EMS Chief Christopher “Chris” Strunck and top responder, Richard “Rick” Henecker.

Rick first reached out to us earlier this year to explain that he’s a long-time user of LXR, and to express how much he loves using our all-in-one cleaner on Stafford Township EMS rigs. It saves the department time in more ways than one – Yes, crew members can clean and protect their trucks in one step, but LXR also keeps their rigs clean for a longer amount of time than regular car wash products.

LRX Used First Responders To Wash and Keep Salt Off VehiclesThe clear, non-stick, protective layer that LXR leaves behind makes it so dirt washes right off with the spray of a hose or a nice rainstorm. Rick uses LXR on his own vehicles and on his garbage truck. He says that there’s nothing that cleans the dirt off his garbage truck quite like LXR. Check out the picture Rick sent us and see for yourself: Stafford Township EMS keeps its rigs looking fantastic while taking care of its community.

We want to thank Rick Henecker and Chief Chris Strunck for their support and willingness to give us their testimonials. We appreciate you! Visit for more information about Stafford Township EMS. Photo courtesy of Rick Henecker. If your department is interested in purchasing LustreLab LXR in bulk, please feel free to contact

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