How to use LXR Car Was and Wax

LRX car wash not only saves you time by replacing multiple car washing and cleaning products. By using LXR car wash you replace the need to have and use a car washing soap, window cleaner, tire cleaner, Wheel/Rim cleaner, and car wax. 

Using LXR car wash is very simple. In addition to being easy to use the more times you wash your car with it the better the results (car shine) you actually get. Here are the instructions for using LXR car wash and polish.

1st Step: First pour approximately 3-4 oz. of LXR® into an empty bucket.

2nd Step: Add 1-1.5 gallons of cold or warm water and mix thoroughly to avoid uneven application and spotting.

3rd Step: Rinse the car, SUV, truck, van, RV or vehicle area to be cleaning with cold water

4th Step: Apply LXR® to a section of the car with a car washing mitt, car washing soft bristle brush, towel or the Lustrelab sponge.

5th Step: Start applying LRX at the top of the vehicle working your way down. Use the hose or pressure washer and thoroughly rinse one section at a time starting at the top. (By starting at the top of the vehicle this allows any dirt, debris or grime to fall to unwashed areas which you will wash as you work your way down the car)

6th Step: After washing a section of your car rinse it of very well until all of the suds are gone. Do not let the soap dry on your car before washing it off.

7th Step: After you have finished washing the entire car the last thing you have to wash are your wheels. Rinse off one wheel, apply and wash it with LRX and then rinse it off. Do not allow LXR to dry on the vehicle as this may cause streaks or spots.

8th Step: LXR special formula allows water to sheet off your car. This sheeting action prevents the need to towel dry your entire car. If there is small areas of water remaining after washing use a soft microfiber towel to dry these areas.

Notice: LXR will help remove old, oxidized, and damaged paint and may dull the surface of vehicles with these loose paint conditions. On these vehicles test a small area before washing the entire car. LXR removes traditional wax and replaces it with a better-than-wax acrylic coating. Recently waxed or manufacturer applied wax coated vehicles may require additional washes to obtain the maximum water sheeting effect.

By David Tallon


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