Car Deodorizer spray Lustrelab

Nothing is worse than a stinky car.

Did you buy a used car that smells like a musty old ashtray? It drives great and looks almost new, but it smells like the smoking section of a hole-in-the-wall bar. Or, maybe you forgot to grab that tupperware filled with last Tuesday’s leftover lunch from your backseat – tasted great on Tuesday, smells like roadkill on Friday.

Don’t fret! We’re releasing a powerful, long-lasting, professional strength car deodorizer very soon. It attacks the source of the smell instead of covering it up (because fruit-scented ashtray still smells like ashtray). Our all-natural, non-toxic automobile deodorizer is composed of enzymes formulated to destroy lingering odors while helping to prevent new smells from sticking around.

It will be available in cherry and pine scents. Questions? Send us an email!

By David Tallon


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