Why is Acrylionic® Chemistry a Revolutionary Way To Wash Your Car Lustrelab’s unique proprietary chemistry is made from the same ingredients as your paint’s clear protective coating. With each wash, LXR® removes the dirt from the divots and cracks in the surface of your paint and builds back up and...

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LustreLab LXR isn’t just soap for your car – It’s a patented exterior car care product that does everything you need in one step. We’ve dedicated more than 16 years to helping automobile owners save time and money in exterior car maintenance. Cleans all exterior surfaces It’s the only product...

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We have officially entered tax season, but we should probably call it “vehicle-purchasing season” instead. It’s that time of the year when everyone flocks to dealerships and car lots to hand over their income tax returns in exchange for something to get them around in style. Obviously, spending ample time...

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