How To Use Lustrelab LXR?

Our mission is to empower car owners to enhance appeal, preserve value, and extend protection on their investment. LXR’s innovative all-in-one formula cleans, protects, renews, and shines your car simultaneously. LXR contains acrylic beads, the same compone as the clear coat on your vehicle. Every time you wash your car, you repair your clear coat and make you vehicle shiner while creating a non-stick surface on your car. Here’s how you use it.

Step 1Rinse vehicle entirely with cold water.

Step 2MIX 4oz. of LustreLab LXR with one gallon of cold or warm water. It is critical to mix it rigorously and completely before application. (Pouring it into a bucket and spraying it with a hose creates great suds, but it is not enough). Think honey and water! Stir/Agitate thoroughly.

Step 3Apply LXR with a wash mitt, a soft towel, a soft brush, or a sponge.

Step 4Start at the top of the vehicle – Wash and rinse one section at a time. Do not allow LXR to dry on the vehicle, as this may cause streaks or spots.

Step 5Rinse each section very well with cold water until soap suds are gone.

Step 6Wash wheels last. LXR is amazing for taking off brake dust.

Step 7Towel dry glass, only if needed. LXR is safe for all surfaces.