Lustrelab HRS (High Retention Sponge) [PROMO]


Lustrelab’s HRS (High Retention Sponge) is a low density, highly absorbent polyurethane washing sponge. When used with the Lustrelab® LXR® Acrylionic® Auto Wash, its reservoirs will hold high volumes of the LXR® when squeezed, helping to put more of it on the surface of your vehicle while wasting less in the washing process. This HRS is highly flexible and promotes the intensive suds ability of the LXR® and improves the Acrylionic® treatment effect. This rectangular sponge is long lasting and the perfect size for use with the LXR®.

Dimensions: L= 7” W= 5” D= 2”.


Additional information

Dimensions 7 × 5 × 2 in


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