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LXR does everything you need when it comes to exterior car cleaning, eliminating the need for any specialty cleaners. LXR’s unique formula acts as an all-in-one car wash, wax, and restores and fortifies your car’s clear acrylic protective coating. A gallon of LXR contains 32-42 uses.

  • Cleans all surfaces including wheels, tires, glass, bugs, and tar
  • Repels dirt with non-stick formula
  • Renews protective coating
  • Increases level of gloss and shine

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When we first introduced LustreLab®, there were skeptics who just wouldn’t believe that LXR® would replace five other car wash products. So, we hired some pros to prove what we said was true. Now you don’t have to take our word for it. Here is the report in full, nothing hidden, proof that LustreLab® LXR® is as good as we say it is. “Never Wax Your Car Again”!


This scientific validation report was commissioned by LustreLab® LXR® and submitted by:
EMSL Laboratories
Westmont , New Jersey

I. Test Objective:

To scientifically demonstrate and validate the key performance attributes of LUSTRELAB® LXR® appearing on the surface of a vehicle after the product is used as described in its directions for use. These key attributes include the claims that the product renews or applies a clear acrylic protective coating with each wash application. In addition, the chemical formulation of the product, creates a dirt repelling effect which helps keep vehicles cleaner longer.

II. Chemical Description:

LUSTRELAB® LXR® is a new generation of acrylic technology involving the addition of a soap in the composition of the acrylic polymer . This technology creates a situation that allows the strong ionic polymer to adhere to the surface of the acrylic or urethane top coat, which develops the ability to trap dirt, and release it when water comes in contact with the surface of the vehicle. This polymer is described as “Acrylionic™” in nature, and explains the phenomenon of the repellency of dirt as well as the reduction of static charge on the vehicle surface and wheels.

LUSTRELAB® LXR® creates a very bright sheen on the vehicle surface, due to the light reflectance through the acrylic molecule. This factor increases with every wash, and will eventually result in the vehicle surface creating a tendency to repel dirt and other ionic materials. A water wash or rain wash will improve the physical appearance of the vehicle. LUSTRELAB® LXR® is most effective in reducing streaks from water spotting because it is designed to soften the water by tying up the calcium hardness and preventing the rinse water from causing water spots. The more you use the product, the more protection you provide.

III. Test Method:

The analytical method used to determine the physical effects of applying LUSTRELAB® LXR® to the surface of the vehicle is Photomicrograph. This test encompasses taking photographs utilizing an ultra powerful microscope.

IV. Test Sample:

A hood of a 1972 Chevrolet Nova was used as a sample for testing the product. One half of the hood was washed 10 consecutive times with LUSTRELAB® LXR® following the directions on the bottle and allowed to dry in direct sunlight. The other half of the hood was washed 10 times utilizing a conventional car wash product and was allowed to dry in direct sunlight. After completing all of the washings, the LUSTRELAB® LXR® was physically observed to have a “shiny” appearance. Additionally, as the samples dried with each wash, the LUSTRELAB® LXR® sheeted the water off leaving no spotting effects and requiring no towel drying. The conventional product exhibited water beads that dried in place leaving spots, thus requiring towel drying.

V. Testing:

Photomicrographs were taken of each sample in an effort to analyze, and prove the effects that were physically observed. Water droplets were photographed on the LUSTRELAB® LXR® coated sample as well as the conventional uncoated car wash product sample to analyze the behavior of the water. The wetting behavior of the water droplets on the surfaces was measured by the angle-of-contact between the water droplets and the vehicle’s surfaces. Wet ability is said to increase as the angle of contact decreases.

VI. Results:

The photomicrograph pictures on the following page conclusively prove that LUSTRELAB® LXR® is visible and present on the LUSTRELAB® LXR® coated “shiny” sample. This is seen as a clear white coating below the water droplet in exhibit 2. It is not present on the other sample washed with a conventional car wash product as illustrated in exhibit 1. This validates the claim the acrylic component in the product bonds itself to the vehicle’s surface, renewing it with each application. This also explains the shiny appearance of the sample due to the light reflectance produced by the “Acrylionic®” coating. In addition, the photographs show the angle of contact of the water droplet on the LUSTRELAB® LXR® coated sample as 22 degrees which is significantly less than the non- shiny uncoated sample at 63 degrees. This proves that the LUSTRELAB chemistry improves surface wet ability. There is a strong tendency for water sheeting and less of a tendency for water beading. This behavior leads to the conclusion that dirt does not have as great of an opportunity to deposit itself in the form of water beads on the LUSTRELAB® LXR® coated product due to its water sheeting and thus creates a dirt repelling effect. It also explains why towel drying is not necessary after using LUSTRELAB® LXR®.

LustreLab®LXR® Scientific Testing Photomicrographs

Exhibit 1
Conventional Car Wash
Traditional Waxed Surface
With Water Beading

Exhibit 2
Lustrelab®LXR® Acrylionic®
“Shiny” Surface
With Water Sheeting


At the request of the client, submitted sample was evaluated for the following:
The solution cleans glass
The solution washes dirt off the surface of the car
The solution removes tar and bugs
The solution cleans the wheels
The sample MEETS the product label claims.


Surface Cleaned  | Rating


Exhibit – 1
Vehicle Painted Surface
(Animation Capture)

Exhibit – 2
Water Sheeting vs. Water Beading
(Car Hood Photography)

This consumer test ratings report was commissioned by LustreLab LXR and submitted by: Bureau Veritas Atlantic City, New Jersey

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