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Alex - Car Owner


Go to car wash shampoo

Joe - Car Owner

I was very skeptical about your claims for LXR, as I have literally tried every cash wash from California to Germany. But every claim you’ve made has turned out to be 100% true. It is important to follow the instructions and the results are truly impressive! My new go-to car wash shampoo!


Car wax

Mary L. - Car Owner

I just opened a new gallon because I had to take my car over to the Buick shop. My car was so dirty and when I got done I thought I was driving a new car (2001 Buick Park Avenue). I went to church and my friend asked me if I had taken my car to a car wash and I said no I washed the car and I did not wax the car. I have to say again LXR is a great product.



Eco Friendly wash and Wax

Tom L - Car Owner

Normally it is crazy hard to get the rubber off but with LXR it came right off. The same is true for all the bugs! It feels totally different from other car washes as it is being applied and just rinsing off is great, it dried beautifully! Oh by the way, getting my wheels clear is usually impossible with the build up of brake dust from several HPDE events but LXR made them look new again. I have one word for LXR: FANTASTIC!

eco friendly car wash


Rick L. - Car Owner

LXR is the most amazing stuff I’ve ever used it keeps the road salt off of our vehicles keeps the brake dust from a hearing to the Rims we had a 2007 travel trailer that we just sold and the guy asked if it was a 2017 because it looked that new.

antique Truck wash


Chris P. - Car Owner

I’ve been using LXR for years. I always welcome the warm weather of Spring as I can bring the shine back to our cars with LXR. Great product!

wax and wash for cars


Joseph C. - Car Owner

I’ve been using this product for a while now. In the past I’ve used car wash soap with wax, but this product has no wax included in it and it still does a better job at cleaning my car and leaves that shiny look that everyone likes, and my car stays cleaner a lot longer than if I was using soap with wax. Definitely will continue to use this product!

Truck Wash and Wax


Irene J. - Car Owner

I followed the directions, washed my truck, carpet & emptied the bucket. Mixed a new batch using warm water on both. Washed my wife’s car and my truck was dry without me having to do anything. No streaks. Very happy with this product.


all in one wash and wax


Susan H. - Car Owner

This car wash made my car look so clean and freshly waxed without all the hard work! Will definitely use again!

acrlyonic wash and wax


Mary Lou. - Car Owner

I just open the new gallon up because I had to take my car over to the Buick shop. My car was so dirty and when I got done I thought I was Driving a new car (2001 Buick Park Avenue). I went to Church and my friend ask me did you take the car to a car Wash and I said no I washed the car and I did not wax the car. I have to say again Lustrelab is a great product.



Faith W. - Car Owner

My husband used the LXR today for the second time. Three weeks ago he washed a small car, small pickup and a small travel trailer with LXR. He said they looked a little better. (He always keeps them up looking good) He said no spots on the vehicles and he didn't have to dry them. Just a few spots on the glass. Today he washed them again just to give them another coat of LXR. He said before he started today he noticed hardly any dust on the vehicles. This is rare. After he was done washing them today he noticed a lot of difference in the new shinny look they now have. He said the first time he used the LXR he knew when he cleaned up the bucket and measuring cup how awesome the LXR is. He said he turned up the hose with a full stream from the nozzle into the measuring cup and it just foaming. He could hardly wash the product off of the measuring cup and bucket. He knew after that this was the perfect product for our vehicles. When I finish this I'll order a gallon. Great job, great product. Thank you.

car washed


Lorraine J. - Car Owner

Thanks for this fantastic product. I used LXR exclusively on my Saturn since I got it at the end of 2003. I took these pictures in December 2021, except for the last picture which was taken last week before I had to say goodbye. Sadly, it was declared totaled in what should have been a minor rear end collision, but the parts to fix it were no longer available, and there was hidden damage. I'll always use LXR on any car I own!

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