RV’S, Busses, Campers, Fleets and Large Vehicles with a Pressure Washer and Foam Cannon Attachment

    • LXR safely cleans, renews, protects and shines most all surfaces on large vehicles. It is a wash, wax, wheel cleaner, bug/tar and glass cleaner- all in one! It eliminates the need for multiple products.

    • Unlike most all other pressure washer cleaners, LXR can be efficiently used in a pressure washer or with a foam cannon attachment which covers large areas quickly saving time and labor costs.

    • No pre-mixing required for pressure washer use. Eliminates time, labor cost, storage and inventory. In most cases LXR replaces 10 times the amount of commonly used liquid products. LXR 5 -gallon pails replace 1 - 50-gallon drum of common wash soap.

    • Effectively cleans Large Busses, Trucks, RV’s Motor Homes and Vans. Use a long soft brush to clean all surfaces eliminating hand scrubbing and manual soap application, saving time and money. Removes and protects against harsh diesel fuel contact.

    • LXR’s patented acrylionic® formula renews and repairs the vehicles clear paint protective coating with each wash. It creates water sheeting vs. water beading helping to reduce drying time and streaking of cleaned surfaces. Vehicle finish stays newer longer maintaining the vehicles exterior value and appearance.

    • LXR is environmentally GREEN certified as READILY BIODEGRADABLE, NON-TOXIC, and CONTAINS NO PETROLEUM or CFC’s. Unlike other strong non-safe solvent -based large vehicle cleaners, LXR is gentle, fast and safe for people to use. LXR is made in the USA.

You might be interested our blog post titled "First Responders Use Lusterlab® LRX® To Keep Their Vehicles Cleaner For Longer " blog post to see how a larger fleet used LXR® with there emergence vehicle fleet.

If you would like more information about our LXR for RV's, Busses, Campers, and fleet vehicles please get in touch with us at Someone in our department that specializes in large vehicles and company fleet vehicles will gladly get back in touch with you. 

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