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Lustrelab® LXR® Car Wash

Lustrelab® LXR® is a unique 5-in-1 Car Wash, Wax, Wheel Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, and Bug/Tar remover from any car, van, RV, motorcycle or vehicle. LXR car wash not only is a soap that washes your car but it is a wax/polish that shines your car in turn preventing you from having to purchase multiple car cleaning products that saves you time and money.

Our patented Acrylionic® formula has proven supreme in the professional car care industry – It’s been scientifically tested and certified by outside sources. LXR is charged with millions of acrylic polymers, the same material that makes up your car’s protective clear coating that preserves its paint. Every time you wash with LXR, that clear coating is strengthened and restored. Our "As Seen On" TV patented acrylionic Formula Cleans, Renews, Protects, and Shines your vehicles Clear Paint Protective Coating with each wash! "Never Wax Your Car Again!

Lustrelab® LXR® Car Wash Has Been Featured On These Channels

Unique Formula

Our patented auto wash cleans your vehicle and restores your clear coat simultaneously, saving you money in the long run.


LXR car wash stands out against other car soaps because it’s environmentally friendly and soft on skin.

Adds Protective Layers

Proven to restore and protect your vehicle’s clear coat, preserving that new car shine and creating a non-stick surface

All-in-one Auto Wash

LXR cleans everything from your wheels to your windows – It’s the only product you need to get your whole car clean.





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