Never Wax Your Car Again.


Why Choose LXR?

Unique Formula Img

Unique Formula

Our patented auto wash cleans your vehicle and restores your clear coat simultaneously, saving you money in the long run

Biodegradable Img


LXR stands out against other car soaps because it’s environmentally friendly and soft on skin

Clear Coat Img

Protects Clear Coat

Proven to restore and protect your vehicle’s clear coat, preserving that new car shine and creating a non-stick surface

All-in-one Img

All-in-one Auto Wash

LXR cleans everything from your wheels to your windows – It’s the only product you need

Acrylionic Effect…

Watch our video to see how the “Acrylionic effect” works.

Its innovative formula makes LXR unique unlike any other product. It not only washes and waxes your car, it rebuilds and fortifies the clear protective coating increasing your investment’s longevity.

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Why Should I Keep My Car Clean?

Washing your vehicle every two weeks prevents future damage to your car and saves you money in the long run. It's been proven that clean cars get around 10% better fuel efficiency than dirty cars, and Lustrelab LXR is everything you need to keep your car shining – from protecting your car's clear coat to making its windows sparkle.

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