LUSTRELAB LXR Detailer and Dealership Program

LRX Car Wash Auto Detailers and Car Dealers Program

The Lustrelab® LXR® Detail/Dealer Program increases detailers and auto dealership profits significantly in several ways. First it reduces vehicle preparation and on lot cleaning costs and time by over 60% by using it in a Foam Cannon and pressure washer vs. traditional hand washing. (See attached photos of this process).

Secondly it increases customer satisfaction ratings significantly because LXR vehicles are ready for delivery at the time of sale. LXR repairs, improves and maintains clear coat levels and shine improving resale value. In addition LXR is safe to use, and certified as environmentally friendly. It is biodegradable and non-toxic.

LXR® is a simple to use 5 in 1 vehicle wash and clear coat fortification protectant that dramatically reduces vehicle preparation costs and time. Traditionally used sealants and waxes take hours to apply and create many quality issues on the exterior of the vehicle. These products also create delays for vehicle preparation and consumers waiting to receive their new vehicles.

Each vehicle on the sales lot can be protected and cleaned with LXR eliminating the need for costly waxes and sealants. LXR’s highly concentrated patented acrylionic® chemistry is the only product we have found that can economically be used in a pressure washer to eliminate current hand washing and towel drying costs.

With each use LXR® not only cleans but increases shine significantly without waxing and buffing. The water sheeting effect saves time eliminating the need to towel dry

Renewing the clear coat with an LXR wash improves the appearance of the vehicle significantly and increases its value. Vehicles are cleaned, protected, and polished for presentation to customers. LXR comes in 5 gallon easy to handle containers that replaces over two 55 -gallon drums of current chemicals. It can also be used in mechanical car washes.

How To Use LXR Car Washing Soap and Polish

Pre rinse car before applying LRX car wash step 1

STEP #1: Pre-rinse you vehicle before applying LXR car wash.

Step 2 Apply LXR Acrylionic Wash with Foam Cannon

Step 2: Apply LXR Acrylionic Car Wash With a High Pressure Foam Cannon

Step 3 Use a soft foam brash to wash outside of car

Step 3: Use a soft bristle car washing brush to wash away dirt and grime and applying the acrylionic polish to the cars clear coat

Step 4 rinse outside of car for water sheeting affect

Step 4: Rinse outside of car for water sheeting affect that helps reduce and or eliminate towel drying. 

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