LXR Video Clear Coat Renew

LustreLab LXR adds an acrylic bond to your automobile's finish while it cleans. It replaces the need for car wash liquids, wheel cleaners, glass cleaners, bug and tar removers, sealants, and waxes. No towel drying necessary. The acrylic polymers fortify and beautify the surfaces of the vehicle, leaving behind a brilliant streak-free “harder than wax” shine. This unique formula sheets off water, creating a dirt repelling effect. Your vehicle will stay cleaner longer after using LXR. Car fanatics love LXR for many reasons. The Acrylionic™ formula creates a streak-free finish that's renewed with every use. Your car never needs to be waxed again. LustreLab LXR is patented, analytically tested, and certified by outside sources. It's environmentally safe with no petroleum distillates.

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