Lustrelab is readily (rapidly) biodegradable – meaning that organisms found naturally in the environment can easily break down the waste product after use. Modified Sturm tests showed a “pass rate” of >60% biodegradable after 13 days and a mean biodegradation of 87% after just 28 days – the full test limit.

Eco-Friendly Car Wash   September 9, 2006 Joe Sargent Lustrelab® LXR® RE: Product Environmental Attributes/Certifications We knew that Lustrelab performed well against its promises as a car care product. What we didn’t know was how it compared in terms of environmental impact. Laboratory results generated in accordance with acceptable scientific...

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Gas Saving with LXR Gas prices have skyrocketed in the last two weeks and they’ll be even higher this Memorial Day weekend, according to We’ve compiled some gas-saving tips to help you (and your bank account). Don’t top off your vehicle’s gas tank after the pump stops. Once the...

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Spring Trip Tips Warmer weather means road trips, but don’t be so quick to jump in your car and drive for hours without doing a checkup on your vehicle first. Winter has a way of helping us to forget about car maintenance, so it’s important to see what’s happening under...

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