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Spring Trip Tips

Warmer weather means road trips, but don’t be so quick to jump in your car and drive for hours without doing a checkup on your vehicle first. Winter has a way of helping us to forget about car maintenance, so it’s important to see what’s happening under the hood before embarking on a day trip to the mountains or setting off for a family vacation.

Check out these four pointers and feel free to email us your own advice:

1. If your area is prone to snow, chances are you’ll need a little extra TLC to get that road salt off your vehicle. LXR Auto Wash wipes away that built-up debris and it even creates a non-stick surface on your car to prevent future build up.

2. The weather is warming up again, so it’s important you give your cooling system a complete check up. Be sure to scan everything for issues like stains from fluid leaks, cracked rubber pieces, or clamps that have come loose. You’ll also want to check that cool air flows from every air vent. If you notice any issues, call your mechanic.

3. Tires can suffer from winter weather, so it’s important to check the tread before making a big trip. You can use a penny to test the tread by putting the penny with Abe’s head facing down into the groove of your tires, according to Your tread is too low if his head isn’t covered by the tire at all. While you’re doing this test, check your tire inflation (of course, that’s a given, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded!).

4. Spring is also a great time to have your anti-lock brake system checked, since those slick winter roads make your brakes work overtime. If you notice that you have to press the brakes harder than usual to make the vehicle stop, it’s probably time for a check up. You don’t want to be faced with a brake problem when embarking on a road trip.


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By David Tallon


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