Summer Gas Saving Tips

Gas Saving with LXR

Gas prices have skyrocketed in the last two weeks and they’ll be even higher this Memorial Day weekend, according to We’ve compiled some gas-saving tips to help you (and your bank account).

    1. Don’t top off your vehicle’s gas tank after the pump stops. Once the pump clicks and shuts off, your tank is full and no more gas can fit. Anymore you add to it is wasted, which means wasted money. So, where does the gas go? It’s either spilled, which is harmful to the environment, or it’s fed back into the gas station’s tanks. Gas pumps are equipped with vapor-recovery systems to prevent gas fumes from polluting the air, according to Another (very important) reason you should never top off your gas tank is because it can damage your vehicle. Gasoline needs a bit of room to expand inside of the tank. Your vehicle, like a gas pump, has its own vapor-recovery system, and overfilling your tank can cause damage to it. You’re already trying to save money – the last thing you need is a bill from the mechanic. You may even end up with a poorly-running vehicle or a vehicle with high gas emissions, according to Whatever happens, that extra bit of gas you’ve paid for is not deposited into your vehicle and you’ve wasted money.

    1. Check and replace your vehicle’s air filters once a year, or once every 15,000 miles. A dirty air filter can reduce fuel economy by up to 10% because it forces your vehicle’s engine to work harder, according to Most shops charge about $20 to change an air filter, but you can do it at home for half the price. Here is a helpful guide that explains how to change your air filter:

  1. Park in the shade. Gas evaporates from your vehicle’s tank when it’s parked in high temperatures and direct sunlight. A simple way to save money is to park in the shade. You can also invest in a good quality windshield sun shade to beat the heat.

Do you have more gas-saving tips? Send them to us at

By David Tallon


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