LXR ® is unlike any car washing soap on the market. Its patented formula with Acrylionic® polymers has been not only tested but proven to clean, protect, renew, and shine your car unlike any other car cleaning product on the market. After just one wash you can see a cars...

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Why is Acrylionic® Chemistry a Revolutionary Way To Wash Your Car Lustrelab’s unique proprietary chemistry is made from the same ingredients as your paint’s clear protective coating. With each wash, LXR® removes the dirt from the divots and cracks in the surface of your paint and builds back up and...

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September 9, 2006 Joe Sargent Lustrelab® LXR® RE: Product Environmental Attributes/Certifications We knew that Lustrelab performed well against its promises as a car care product. What we didn’t know was how it compared in terms of environmental impact. Laboratory results generated in accordance with acceptable scientific methods are now in....

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