Winter Car Cleaning and Care Tips

Tips On Washing Your Car In Winter

Keeping your car clean and protected in the winter is a necessary evil. Sure, it’s cold outside, but a little bit of shivering is better than fighting a lot of rust… everywhere from the car’s body to its gas lines. Taking care of your car in the winter can prevent costly repairs in the future. Which makes keeping your car clean and protected in the winter is a necessary evil. So we care going to offer some tips on how to wash and protect your car quickly this winter

The good news is, the best car wash LustreLab LXR makes it quick and easy to clean and protect your car. It’s been proven to clean every inch of your vehicle’s exterior (including wheels and glass) WHILE depositing a crystal-clear, harder-than-wax protective layer. It’s the only product you’ll need to preserve your car’s integrity this winter (forget the wax).

This patented, all-in-one car wash formula is charged with millions of acrylic polymers – The same material that makes up your car’s clear coat. So, each time you use LXR, you’re adding layers of protection to your paint while wiping away grime. This helps to fend off road salt, snow, and moisture, thus preventing the plague that is rust.

Prevent Winter Car Rust LXR Car Soap

Once Your Car Starts To Rust, It’s Near Impossible To Stop

LXR helps you to prevent the deterioration of your car’s body, its exhaust system, its gas and brake lines, and its brake calipers. LXR lasts longer than regular car washes and waxes since it creates a repelling effect. Instead of water beading, LXR promotes water “sheeting,” allowing moisture and dirt to run smoothly off the vehicle.

One quart of LXR is enough for 8 to 10 washes. Its one-step formula makes it more time and cost effective for car owners to get a professional-type of shine.

Tips for using LXR to protect your car from snow, moisture, and road salt:

  1. Fill a few buckets with warm water. This will help strip grime and debris while keeping your hands warm.
  2. Use drive-in, covered car wash bays with powerful spray hoses. It’ll be easier to knock off clumps of slush and salt and you’ll be protected from snow.
  3. Be sure to hit all the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies – These areas are rust’s best friend.
  4. Don’t wash your car when it’s way below freezing. Instead, opt for a day with moderate temperatures or slightly-below-freezing temperatures. Drive it around for a bit and leave the heaters on high while you wash your car.
  5. It’s a good idea to wear protective clothing since you’ll be dealing with water. Snow boots, a hat, and waterproof gloves will help out.

If you have any questions we are here to help. Send an email to, use our website contact form, or call 866-597-9274.

P.S. Click here to shop. If you’re not ready to commit, grab a sample (enough for one car wash) and you’ll receive a coupon for $6.95 off your next order of $19 or more.

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