#1 Car Wash and Wax for Car Maintenance

We have officially entered tax season, but we should probably call it “vehicle-purchasing season” instead. It’s that time of the year when everyone flocks to dealerships and car lots to hand over their income tax returns in exchange for something to get them around in style. Obviously, spending ample time researching the type of vehicle that’s right for you is important, but coming up with a plan to preserve that new car luster should also be at the top of your agenda.

What, exactly, is necessary for preserving that shine that is only seen in cars fresh from the lot? One option is to spend time weighing the pros and cons of each type of car cleaning and maintenance product, but there’s an even better way to keep your car looking brand new that doesn’t involve purchasing six different products.

LXR Auto Wash is the only product you’ll need to keep the exterior of your car

LXR Cleans Wheels Break Dust

looking exactly how you bought it. It’s a unique, patented, all-in-one soap that not only cleans bugs and tar from your vehicle’s body but also prevents them from sticking in the first place. There’s no need to buy a separate product for cleaning your windows and wheels, because LXR will leave them spotless. Brake dust? No worries, LXR wipes it off without any effort at all. Check out the before and after photos below.

What’s more? You will never need to wax your car again. LXR employs Acrylionic technology that renews your vehicle’s protective clear coat repair with every single wash and eliminates the need to schedule a car wax appointment. Your vehicle will also be protected from acid rain and sun fade. Keep this in mind when you’re forking over a year’s worth of tax returns. Instead of paying for six or seven different car cleaning products, you only need one. Let LXR save you time, space, and money.

As if those savings alone weren’t enough… You’re in luck! Everything is currently on sale on our website:

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