LXR is Different, Why?

LustreLab LXR isn’t just soap for your car – It’s a patented exterior car care product that does everything you need in one step. We’ve dedicated more than 16 years to helping automobile owners save time and money in exterior car maintenance.

Cleans all exterior surfaces
It’s the only product you need to get that professional level of clean on everything from your vehicle’s wheels to its windows. It’s safe to use on all exterior surfaces. Check out our FAQ for more specific information: Click here.

Adds protective layers to car
LXR is charged with millions of acrylic polymers, the same material that makes up your vehicle’s clear protective coating. Over time, that clear coating is worn down. LXR helps to restore and build layers upon it, increasing the level of automotive finish protection for your car’s paint and warding off sun fade.

Made in the U.S.A.
Two brothers formulated LXR in the early 2000s in the southern part of the United States. We’ve kept it close to home to ensure the high level of care in handling the product.

Scientifically-tested and proven to shine
When we first introduced LXR, there were skeptics who just wouldn’t believe it would replace five other car wash products. We hired a lab in New Jersey to analytically test, scientifically demonstrate, and validate the key performance attributes of LustreLab LXR. You can read the full report at the bottom of this page. LXR is also certified biodegradable with no petroleum distillates, unlike many other car cleaning products on the market.

Works to repel dirt and debris with water-sheeting action
Traditional car wax promotes water beading, which ultimately causes water spots. LXR creates a water sheeting action on your vehicle, which allows the water to run off the sides spotlessly, without leaving white spots. This sheeting action will improve with every use of LXR.

16 years of satisfied customers
We have customers who have been using LXR since its beginning. Our customers are loyal to the brand because it works. Check out the testimonials page and our Facebook page to see for yourself. LustreLab LXR has been featured on QVC shopping network, the Home Shopping Network, Evine, and in countless magazines and newspapers over the years.

Ask us anything! We’re always happy to help. Send an email to with questions or concerns.

By David Tallon


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